Home sweet home

The natural world is our physical home. It is what supports us, what nourishes our bodies. The spiritual realm is also our home; beauty, love, trust, kindness and all those heavenly attributes support and nourishes our souls. When both the physical and the spiritual are supported and nourished then we are truly in paradise.

As social beings we are as one, one humanity.  As we learn how to honor and work together growing and sharing our food we experience that Oneness.  Come join us!

We are now  collaborating with Dayaalu Yoga Center, https://dayaalucenter.com/index.html, and supplying their Tulaa Café, https://www.tulaacafe.com/, with fresh produce.

Awe cha-cha-cha. yes.

A big fan of yours

Quack, quack, quack. QUACK! Quack. Quack quake.


A big fan of yours